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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Ajil BH: Slow But Picking Up The Birds Population.

Do you still remember this BH that was attacked by owls and the owner engaged me to revamp it?

Please go to these links:

It was relaunched on April 17th 2016.  About 6 months and 16 days ago.

The owner took this video clip and wanted me to comment.


Her only word was how come it is so slow.

I told her that she should be grateful and not feeling demoralized.

She confirmed later that there were 8 nests so far but there were lot of bird shit markings on the floor.

I assured her that her BH is getting better since the day I rehabilitate it.

She should recalled how bad was her BH.

I reminded her about how bad was the BH especially these few things:

1) The main entrance hole was not facing to the birds flying home direction.  It was facing the opposite direction.  I opened a new LMB (Lubang Masuk Burung) hole and now it is facing the bird's flying home direction.  This changed in direction might be the most important reason among many other things.

(Used to be facing the opposite direction)
(I opened a new entrance hole)

(It was installed with a hexagonal tweeter and a wooden frame before finishing with cement)

2) The BH was facing owl attack problems.  They came in very regularly and catching a few birds every time they stop by.  The white urine seems to have reached the nesting rooms of the BH.  This was stop after the installation of an owl trap.  Two were captured.

3) Her birdhouse (her dad owned it but he died when he met with a hit and run case) is without a roof.  The hot sun was literally cooked the top floor.  The temperature on the top most floor was unbearable.  I told her that she need to install a roof to prevent direct sunlight hitting the roof of the 3rd floor.  She however declined to do so, due to high cost, so I told her to cocoon the top floor by closing the top most floor.  The top most floor became the roof, sort of.  The 3 stories now become 2 floors.

4) The monkey house areas was way too big.  If I am not mistaken it was about 25 feet by 15 feet.  What I did was to reduce its size into half i.e. 12.25 feet by 15 feet.  Now the birds will be given lessen space to play in the monkey house but they will need to fly down to the middle floor to play.

5)  The birdhouse was opened with no room at all.  I created a number of VIP rooms on each floor.  These VIP rooms seems to be the favorite location where those wild birds are currently occupying.

6)  Her BH smell seems to be a bit too low of the ammonia (bird shit fermentation smell).  I managed to provide her with the formula on how to prepare my home made floor aroma and she need to spray them on a regular basis.  She diligently carried out the instruction.

7)  The BH sound system were not tip top during my 1st visit.  I told her that I will upgrade during the revamp operations.  I knocked out all the old tweeters and amplifiers and installed with new one and a lot more as compared to prior to it.

8) One very glaring thing that you see now is the response by those swiftlet.  I deployed a 2 external sound concept and those birds become frenzy every morning and evening.  The 2 sound system is doing exceptionally well for her BH.

9) Well I am a very strong believer of using fake nests.  In her BH I personally installed about 300 fake nests.  Prior to the installation I removed all those 90* wood corner covers facing the flying in path and cleaned any dirt before installing the fake nests.  They works perfectly now.

10) Well the last thing which I asked her to do is to regularly go to her church or temple to pray for the BH.  Get the one whom she believed to help is getting those birds to return to her BH.   She was advised to donate to the poor on a regular basis.  I believed that when you do good things you will be awarded some good back.

God bless her and her BH.

Please call this number if you wanted any help to activate your slow moving or dead BH.

My contact number is 017 7551318

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Important Of Fake Nests In Your BH !!!!

If you are new or have very little knowledge about swiftlet farming you should learn more about the important of installing fake nests in your BH.

Those who already operated their BH for some time and wanted to see more nests I can assure you that by installing a few hundred fake nests will get a faster result.

Why do those swiftlet loves fake nests?

You can think of some reasons on your own.

I have this feeling that they are lazy like most of us however they wanted to mate (make love as quickly as they can).

In swiftlet world once the female eggs are fertilized ( those sperms reached the egg and fertilized) the two eggs will be ready to be laid within 6-8 days.

Yes 6-8 days after fertilization the female need a nest to lay the two eggs.

As such she will not allow the male to copulate unless or until a nest is partially ready to receive her eggs.

If not she will need to use other nests.

To comply to the female birds requirements the male will search for a suitable location where he can erect a partial nest somewhere and it must be a quick one.

Erecting a partial nest on a fake nest will take a very short time as compared to building one on the plank without the assistance of a fake nest.

The male will use very little saliva to get what he wanted (sex).

The moment the female swiftlet check the nest on the fake nest and approved the partially finished nest she will quickly allow the male to couple her.

So that is why a fake nest will make the life of a new couple very sexiting.

If I were those male swiftlet I will do the same.

When my hormone is ready and my sex organ is hardened I wont want to spend too much time in getting my partner to say please make love to me.

The same goes to those male swiftlet.

So if you understand the above explaination you need to quickly buy those styrofoam and cut them into triangular and rectangular.

Install them as many as you can and I might want you to spray some super pheromone on each of them.

I can assure you that within a very short while you will see more and more of those fake nests will be occupied.

The more you can pull them to enter your BH the more tenants you will have.

Try to put aside about nests quality but get them to be your tenant first.

Once they have utilized the fake nests remove them one by one.

If the total nests in your BH crossed 500-700 nests, you can remove all the fake nests.

The huge number of nests will pull more birds from your neighbors.

Those fake nests is of little use by this time.

However if you have difficulties to populate certain area you might want to let those fake nest be not removed.

Learn how to use these simple gadget properly and know how to get more nests inside your BH.

Try not to question about the nest quality.

You should think more about getting your BH populated to the maximum.

The nest quality is second.

Trust me fully and I am sure you will later realized that the fake nests are your friend.

They help you to increase the nests numbers.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Kinarut BH: After Installing The Mist Pump And I Quietly Change The External Sound !!!

(checking the reason why the pump was not working)

I took almost 3 hours to install the mist pump 25 nozzles only on one floor.

Prior to that we stop by at a hardware shop to buy some accessories for the mist pump.

I told him that we need a nipple, white tape, wall plugs, screws, pliers, white tapes, and a few more items.

The BH was not very cleaned.  The floors were all full of bird shit.

I told the owner to clear them to the middle thus will make life easier to install the mist pump motor.

Before I started on the pump installation I asked his worker to install the plastic pipes about 4 feet above the floor.

Told him how to do and follow up once a while.

With the owner with me I help him to choose the right location.

First it must be near to the water pipe.

Second was the electricity supply.

Mounted the pump system and did the connection to the water main hose pipe.

Once done tested the pump system and to my surprise it was not pumping.

Hmm I am sure the electrical connection is not working.

After adjusting the power supply wire connector it works.

The next thing to do was to connect the water from the mist pump to the hose.

I told the owner that I have selected where those 25 nozzles should be installed and when ready I ask him to switch on the pump.

The water from the mist pump started to flow from the nozzle holders.  The nearest holder will experience the flow.

Once the holder is flush I started the nozzle installations.  Did the installation one by one until all were functioning.

A few holder were giving problem to receive the nozzles.  Remove faulty units and install new one.

The mists were all in good shape and the owner seems to be very happy.

Once done I came down to change the external sound.

I deployed the sound "Super External" to see how those birds reacted.

They seems to be rushing into the BH.



Monday, November 28, 2016

Kinarut BH: After 3 Years The Number Of Nests Touches 10Kg !!!

A very solid reason why you should consider investing in Sabah.

I was in Sabah two weeks ago and was invited by a group of newbies who wanted to learn about swiftlet farming.

The 4 days trip was mainly to inspect a number of lands that were purchased many years ago for swiftlet farming.

The owner of these lands seems to have in mind to have as many BHs as possible however have yet to erect one until today.

After two days of looking at his land bank I took one day off to visit this 3 years old BH located in Kinarut.

The BH owner wanted my help to install a mist pump system.

He learned from a friend who owned a BH in Kota Belud, Sabah that the mist pump can help to double his BH nests count.

I was asked to carry a set of the mist pump along and help him with the installation.

Managed to finish the installation within a few short hours and tested all the nozzles.

What makes me feel very happy about this Kinarut BH are the followings:

1) The BH was erected on a hill about 3 years ago.  I came to test the location and I remember the number of birds that responded to "Duress" sound was only about 20.

2) The bird count was a bit on the low side however the owner insisted to go ahead since he already purchased the land.  His three other partners also insisted that he should proceed with it.

3) After proceeding with the initial two stories he asked my opinion of adding one one floor.  He proceeded since he was using a top entry lift shaft design.

4)  The bh have many interesting and unique gadgets which was invented my me.  One of them was those kite tweeters.  I can see at least 2 pieces in every VIP room.

5) He installed many internal sound tweeters.  And with it he needed to install additional amplifiers to support the tweeters.  Each floor has its own amplifier for internal sound.

6) During the initial stages he install lots of fake nests made from polyfoam.  The birds responded well and nearly 90* were occupying the fake nests.  Once the number of birds hit 400 nests he removed most of these fake nests.

7) After 3 years the number of nests now hit 1000 nests.  He claimed that he can no longer count them.  Every month he is harvesting about 2-3 kg a month.

8) He wanted to increase the nest numbers and I told him to wet the floor.  This is how to lure those young birds that were raised in his house to return to the spot where they were hatched.  This was the main reason why he instructed me to bring a long a set of mist pump.

9) He claimed that he saw a similar system being installed in a BH in Kota Belut and the owner confirmed its effectiveness.

10) My opinion is the same.  The mist pump if properly installed and run about 4-6 times a day will help to wet the BH floor and at the same time encourage those young birds to return after taking their first flight.

After the unit number one, install only on the middle floor where the number of nests was the highest, he already told me to bring one more unit during my next trip to KK.  He wanted to install another unit on the top floor.

The number of nests exceeding 1000 nests withing 3 years is a very good result in Malaysia.

I told him that to get 500 within 3 years in Peninsular will not be easy to achieve.

The good new was that there were a few more BHs that I was engaged in Sabah is hitting the same number of nests after 3 years.

A very fascinating place to own a BH.

Come to Sabah and you will see this result.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

A New Method On How To Populate Those 90* Corners !!!

A few weeks ago received this strange pictures that resembled a kind of wire netting installed to cover those 90* corners.

I was asked about it and I think this gadget is something new but we need to explore its effectiveness.

After zooming closely I can see something installed inside.

A tweeter with no tweeter cover.

The person who installed this fixed a tweeter playing those internal sound before he fix the wire mesh.

The wire mesh must be made from stainless steel.

The wire mesh perimeter was covered with some kind of cloth or paper to cover those sharp cuttings.

Once ready they use those phillip screws to fix them.

A very interesting new gadget that you might want to try.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Corner Busters: Busted by those Swifltet !!!

Look at how smart can they be.

The corner busters using plastic chains were actually ignored by a number of those wild birds.

This happen at Carey Island BH.

I tested using about 20 pieces of those chains about two months ago and the following seems to be the happening and I am not sure why some are behaving very weird.

1) According to the care taker many of these birds either moved to a new location or must have moved out.  Reason being once the chains were installed many seems to have not returned to the same location.  Our main objective is to push them to the space beside the chain but this seems to be not working.

2) There were a few where these stubborn birds ignored the chain.  They came back and still erect their nests on the same spot below the chain, The chains seems to be to effective to move them away.  It defeat the purpose of installing these corner busters unless some kind of corrections need to be done.

Now the owner wanted to remove all of them in total but I told him to hold on.

The time given is too short and we need to give more time (at least 6-8 months) to observe the result.

The main cause why they were not coming to the same spot might be they have move to another location in the same area.

The care taker did observed a number of new nests in the same area and he is not sure if they were from those new couples or those couples whose previous locations were installed with the chains.

For those couples that came back to the same spot and ignored the chain, I think the chains installation was not perfect.  They should be lesser gap between the chain and the nesting plank.

There is still a lot of observations to be done.

The move precise these corner busters are installed the better will be the result.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pedah BH: Flooding After A Heavy DownPour !!!

(Water coming not only from the top but also from the bottom??)

I was about to plant some Nangka trees but might need abandon it after looking at the water rising after a heavy rain.

Earlier was informed about this flooding phenomena but I took it as a joke.

However after looking at it with my own eyes, I think they were right.

It has a few advantages but also disadvantages.

The land can either be planted with coconut trees or turn it into a water pond.

Need to talk to the land owner if she allows my idea of digging the land and install a pond.

The pond will be surrounded with about 5 feet wide elevated walkway thus can plant some coconut and figs trees on it.

Might be a good idea to start doing it once those trees and bushes around this BH are cleared.

After finishing that will look into how and where to open the ground to erect a pond.

The benefits of having a water pond facing your LMB are plenty.

You not only allows those birds to scop up some water with their beeks but also it can generate lots of marine insects.

It will be like an insect generator.

Those birds will be flocking around the pond when there are insects flying up from the pond water surface.

However you need to learn more on how to produce the right flying insects from your pond.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Pedas BH: Finally Got This BH Running And It Looks As If That It Will Do Well !!!!


Very very happy to wrap up another BH that used to be empty.

This BH was erected about 6 years ago and along the way it was more or less abandoned.

The house was build by a very well known contractor who have a string of failed BHs.

This BH was his last.

Three quarter through he quit the construction works and went missing.

The owner tried to get him and later found out that the office was no longer in operation.

This was a kind of shock and the owner have to find his way out to complete the BH.

Along the way the owner engaged a family friend who did know much and the BH was still with little birds.

The last straw was when those owls took over the BH.

One couple will come and once captured a new couple will take over.

In the end the owner surrendered and went around to look for a "Savior".

There is no use of running the BH with no one who is experienced enough to guide.

This was how I came into the whole picture.

I was asked to look into the BH and perhaps reactivate it.

The owner offer something which was too good to say no.

After collecting the BH keys I mobilized my staff and do up the the BH.

We focus on the top most floor.  I assured the owner that once the total number of nests in the BH reaches 300-500 nests I will look into populating the middle floor.

One very crucial area to modify was the entrance hole areas.

The main entrance hole (LMB) was resized.

I prefer a 2.5 'X 3' in size.  The lips were covered with planks.

Once done will install a hexagonal tweeter and 9 piezo tweeters.

The tweeters arrangements used the most effective way to pull those birds into the hole.

The precise technique is based on numerous trial and error.

The selected technique is proven and never fail me before.

The next was how to catch those owls.  They must not be allowed to enter freely without any gadgets to stop them.

Worse is when they start to lay eggs and breed their babies inside the BH.

I opted for these two methods.  Number one is the installation of 6" spikes on the lower frame of the LMB hole.

If they escape this spikes and entered the monkey house area there will be two owl traps waiting to catch them.

This special netting have not failed me before.  Been using the same model and so far have captured at least 15 owls.

The amount of light entering the lmb hole is quite heavy.  The best way to curb this light pollution is to erect a light blocking room.  I instructed my workers to erect two walls to form a room with doors that are diagonal.  This will eliminate a sizable amount of light.

The next method was to paint the walls of the monkey house and the light blocking room walls with black paint.  It reduced the reflective light tremendously.

To entice those swiftlet to come inside and stay is to create a VIP room.

This was what I did at the back of the floor.

The VIP room looks nice and dark.

One very common problem with an old BH are those nesting planks.  They are dusty and lots of foot marks.

I was hard working enough clean every one of them with salt water and later apply a layer of sp.

All these hard work will pay.  With cleaner nesting planks those birds will not hesitate to be your tenant.

With adequate number of internal sound tweeters plus fake nests this BH looks more like a 6 star hotel.

Ready with the right amplifiers and the right sounds.

Prior to activating the BH the floor and walls were sprayed with Mutiara Aroma.  Twice.

The moment those external and internal sounds were played they keep rushing inside.

They love the BH so much and they seem to be not scared of us.

A wonderful experience and another wonderful BH being turned around.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Pedas BH: Removal Of Those 90* Corner Covers !!!

Many BH owner don't actually care about it and many have very little interest to know why we should try not to install those 90* corner covers.

Those people who are lucky and maybe have talent like me, will be more exposed to many things that are taking place in a new and old BHs.

The more BHs you visited the more you will learn about those swiftlet.

One observation which I will normally focus upon during every visit is to observe where will be the birds favorite locations to erect their nests.

If you can list them in a proper manner these will be their most likely places:

1) 90* corners.  Their favorite and their is a very strong chance that until all these 90* corners are occupied only then they will start building beside it.

2) Above those internal sound tweeters.  This seems to be another favorite location.  What can be the very possible reasons?  You need to know that when they entered your BH they will not be able to see with their naked eyes.  Your BH is pitched black and the only thing that they can use is their ears.  They will fly towards the tweeters.  These tweeters, playing internal sound, will become their resting place.  Once these couple are ready to mate the male will start searching the nearest location to the tweeter.

3)  Fake Nests.  Ar Pedas BH for example nearly 90% of the nests found inside it were on those plastic fake nests.  About 4-5 were directly on the planks corners.

There are a few more but the 3 above seems to be their most preferred locations.

If they like these places my method of approach is to create them and not covering them.

If they like those 90* corners I would like to recommend that let them be opened and not covered with those corner cover woods.

If they like to erect their nest above those internal sound tweeters increase the tweeters number.

If they love to erect on those fake nests install as many as you can.

You should let them have those things that will make them happy.

You must remove or restrain yourself from installing something that make their life difficult.

Each of the three items mentioned to me are like those baits that we put on our fishing line.

Yes if you happened to love fishing you know that the best way to catch those fish is to hook a bait on your fish hook.  If you put no bait the chances of hooking a fish is slim.

So why must you install those corner covers when you know that those swiftlet loves 90* corners?

Populate your nesting rooms first.

Once the nests population are adequate you can then look at methods to force those birds to erect their nests onto the straight planks.

Think about it and try not to cover those 90* corners.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Pedas BH: This cantilever ledge around the entrance hole room is encouraging those owls !!!

I wonder what was in the mind of this BH contractor.

What was the main purpose of erecting this extension when I know for sure it will be the place where those owls will love to latch during its first visit.

The signs on the latch is clear and I think it is not the right thing to do.

Well maybe he wanted to walk around the latch every time he entered the BH monkey house area?

Maybe he wanted to stay longer up around the latch to view the surrounding?

No matter what he wanted to do you try not to use this technique.

I am not going to take it down but be rest assured I will be installing at least two owl traps inside this BH.

Just be careful and try to avoid following silly ideas.

This is one of those silly ideas.

BH Inspection Services !!!

If you happened to own a BH and for some reasons the nests population are not growing or zero after months into operation, there must be something not right.

This is where you can use my expertise.

Give your BH a "medical" check up and get Harry to carry the inspection.

For every inspection you will be provided with a full diagnosis on your BH "health" status and how to get it back to normal.

Call 017 7551318 now !!!